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Second-Hand Recap: 2015 Boise US Air Guitar Qualifier

Posted by Camille Barichello on Mon, Jun 29, 2015 @ 09:59 AM }

Boise, Idaho just had its first-ever official US Air Guitar qualifier! I want to say something about "things got noisy in Boise" but I'm sure that's just way too original.

Aaaaanyway, the evening was hosted by Grinnin' BAIRett, who also competed in Portland's qualifier this year, and while it was a small group of competitors who turned out, I'm sure the seed of air guitar has now been planted, and next year there will be more people, and more, and so on and so forth. Idaho has been ignored too long!

Everyone competing was new, which means we've got a couple of wide-eyed first-timers heading to semis in San Francisco, where their minds will be blown and their worlds rocked. The winner was T-Rock, and he'll be joined by Buster Greenfield in the number two spot.

Boise Qualifier 2015Boise Freebirds out. Photo by Grinnin' BAIRett

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